Workshops & Events

Many, if not all, successful life changes require that we communicate well with others. They also require that we connect with ourselves first, i.e.: that we are clear about what we deeply need and value.


Sylvie teaches reflective meditation and compassionate communication. She teaches at retreats and gives regular talks in various ‘sanghas’ (communities of meditation and dharma practitioners) organised by Sydney Insight Meditators (SIM).


Sylvie also developed REAL Dialogue™, a process that helps achieve both, connection with yourself and with others.  REAL Dialogue™  is adapted from the internationally renowned non-violent communication approach of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Given Sylvie’s extensive knowledge and experience of adult learning and group facilitation,  REAL Dialogue™ also includes the latest research on the ’emotional brain’ and how it plays out in our relationships and communication patterns. It is also a highly practical and interactive workshop.


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