What our clients say…

Sylvie highly respects confidentiality when it comes to her clients. Therefore, she has not asked her counselling clients for testimonials, but some of her corporate clients have kindly agreed to offer the following:


“Sylvie’s REAL Dialogue workshop helped our staff further develop our communication skills. Learning about the importance of empathy and speaking honestly with each other has improved teamwork at our service.”
Angeline Amadei, Director, Toxteth Kindergarten

REAL Dialogue is a communication tool which I find myself referencing on a daily basis.”
Amy Poynton, Partner, Ernst & Young

“Sylvie is an exceptional coach, facilitator and trainer. She has deep knowledge of adult education and having worked in senior executive roles she identifies and connects strongly with business leaders – she has been where they are. She has an enlightened view of human nature and educates from an extremely constructive view of the shifts people can choose to make in their leadership and business roles to be as effective as they can possibly be.”
Andrew O’Keeffe, Director, Hardwired Humans


“I have been really impressed with the process Sylvie kindly worked through with me. It really was fun thinking about and discussing my answers to the questions that she raised. It was the first time I have felt someone was actually interested in my experiences, not just from professionally based events, but also from a personal perspective.”
Katrina Rowe, HR Operations Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“Even though I know myself very well and have completed a number of self-awareness processes throughout my career, the (Individual Motivational Profile) (IMP)™helped me articulate what is really critical to me when working for an organisation. I recently embarked onto a new exciting career path and my IMP™ helped me confirm my decision to make such a move.”
Eva Meland, Business Development Consultant

“Sylvie is a true ‘leader’ in all sense of the word. Although she has left PB, the HR initiatives implemented during her tenure has left the business a better place to work for current and potential employees. Sylvie proved to me that HR can contribute to business growth by changing culture, retaining, recruiting and developing the right staff and improving work life balance for all employees.”
Daniel McGarry, Finance Executive, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“Sylvie is the complete professional; she has the ideal mix of a high level of theory backed up by a sound practicality and a complete understanding of what’s important in business. I could not recommend Sylvie more highly as a person who truly “makes a difference”. “
Glenn Thornton, General Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“I had the great pleasure of working with Sylvie and watched her transform an organisation over about 4 years. She has a great strategic mind, extremely hard working and with an eye for detail as well. She is an asset to any organisation who is lucky enough to snare her!”
Mark LePla, Director of operations, Parsons Brinckerhoff