Sylvie is a trained counsellor specialised in Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychotherapy. She works both as volunteer and professional counsellor supporting people who are facing life crises.

Sylvie supports her clients uncover their core values, inner resilience and strengths when they are facing changes in their lives, which might include:

  • separation or divorce
  • conflicts or disappointments with relationships
  • disappointments with life events or unfulfilled dreams
  • adapting to the death of a loved one
  • adapting to other losses


Sylvie uses humanistic and positive approaches in her counselling, which include:

  • Buddhist & Mindfulness-based – Self-compassion, radical acceptance, non-violence towards self and others, and trusting one’s inner wisdom
  • Person-centered – Empathic listening, unconditional positive regards, and belief in the person’s own healing capabilities
  • Strength-based & solution-focused – Clarifying one’s best hopes for the future and uncovering the person’s current character strengths and successes towards achieving these hopes
  • Narrative – Deeply listening to the person’s story and reinforcing one’s history of motivation and resilience

Here are some of the tools that she uses:

  • Mindfulness and Reflective Meditation
  • REAL Dialogue™ (Compassionate Communication based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication Approach)
  • Individual Motivational Profile™ (IMP™)
  • HeartMath™ (Licensed Provider)


Sylvie listens with empathy and discerned the deeper meanings of what I was saying, asking questions that brought real insight to the conversations. It was a fantastic and amazing experience! I highly recommend Sylvie as a coach and counsellor. Ross, Brisbane, Qld.


I was able to apply Sylvie’s excellent tools in my personal life to great effect immediately. Dr Fran Black, Sydney


I have been really impressed with the process Sylvie kindly worked through with me. It really was fun thinking about and discussing my answers to the questions that she raised. It was the first time I have felt someone was actually interested in my experiences, not just from professionally based events, but also from a personal perspective. Katrina Rowe, HR Operations Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff