Sylvie provides coaching to support individuals make successful changes in their work life such as:

  • career transition
  • promotion
  • blocked career advancement
  • lay-off
  • redundancy
  • work-life balance adjustments
  • retirement


Sylvie made several changes in her own life from immigrating twice, “climbing up the corporate ladder”, changing her career orientation, starting her own business and making work-life balance adjustments, to name a few! She knows that, even when we seek a change, it still takes courage and determination to see it through. So, sometimes, we need a helping hand.


Sylvie also received her first promotion as team leader over 30 years ago. She wished that she had a coach then! It was quite rewarding but equally challenging. Since, she has managed large teams and at senior levels. So, she understands first hand the requirements to successfully manage a team and deliver outcomes.


Sylvie uses positive psychology, strength-based and solution-focused, approaches to her coaching. Here are some of the tools that she uses:

  • Human-Synergistics™ Life Style Inventory™ & Leadership Impact™
  • Myers-Brigg Type Indicator™ (MBTI™
  • REAL Dialogue™ (Compassionate Communication based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication)
  • Individual Motivational Profile™ (IMP™)
  • HeartMath™


I was taken through Sylvie’s “individual motivational profile” (IMP) process recently and found it a very powerful tool for generating genuine, honest discussion and communication, and building authentic relationships in business.

Ted Mooney, Managing Director, CyberNet Consulting

Sylvie coached two of our newly promoted female managers with great results. She helped them unleash their leadership skills, which contributed to them both receiving promotions within a short period of time. I highly recommend Sylvie to help new and accomplished leaders make a successful step up.

B. Carman, HR Director