What triggers us to leave a situation?

There are many reasons why we seek to make major changes in our lives. Helen Ebaugh, prior to being a scholar and writing her book “Becoming an Ex: The Process of Role Exit”, was a nun. One day, she decided to leave the order after its management made major organisational changes that were no longer…
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Midlife Crisis – Myth or Reality?

  Clichés abound about fortysomething men who leave their wife to elope with a lady 20 years their junior or who get into debts buying a luxury sports car. These clichés might be exaggerations but many researchers found that most of us, men and women, do seriously take stock of our life at some point between…
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Scary honesty

I don’t think that I’m alone with the fear of speaking “my truth” to others. In fact, when I conduct interpersonal communication workshops, this is the number one fear that many of the participants express, especially in the workplace. At home, it’s another story. Many admit not having any problems in being honest with their…
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