Welcome to Parlure!

‘Parlure’ is an old French word that means the ‘conversation’. In talking things through with them, we help people make life changes so they can enjoy life more fully.


We are constantly changing. Most changes occur effortlessly, even outside our awareness, like our body cells for example. Many changes are exciting whilst others are more challenging or even distressing. All changes, whether we seek them or not, require some kind of “letting go”. So, the transition process can be riddled with doubts and confusion. We help you sort these out so you can land on your feet and achieve your desired goals more easily and with greater clarity.

We do this through three types of conversations:

  • coaching
  • counselling
  • workshops


Sylvie was able to create easily a safe space to explore what was going on in my life, and her coaching gave me real insights about myself and what I really value in life. Sylvie is not just a good listener. She listens with empathy and discerned the deeper meanings of what I was saying, asking questions that brought real insight to the conversations. It was a fantastic and amazing experience!  I highly recommend Sylvie as a coach and counsellor. Ross, Brisbane, Qld.